WordPress Care Plans

Security and maintenence for your wordpress site

Why Do You Need a WordPress Care Plan?

You’ve invested in a brand new web design and your to promote your products and services and it needs to be up and running 24/7.

To keep your site running smooth and free of errors is a task in itself and if your not technically minded you can run into trouble. I take the time to care for your site and make regular backups, updates, security checks and monitor your site so you don’t have to.

As WordPress is a software it needs to be backed up and updated regularly and over time it becomes vulnerable, if this is not updated your site could be liable to a hack attack or even become unresponsive and break.

Having a WordPress care plan in place is perfect for clients that are unsure how to update their websites or think that once a site is up it doesn’t need anymore work. Let me take the stress away from you and do all the technical bits while you get on with your business.

WordPress Care Plan

WordPress Care Plan Prices

  • Bronze
    Ideal for small wordpress websites eg: Single Page or low traffic site
    per month
    • ** Fast SSD Web Hosting
    • Database Optimisation
    • WordPress Core Updates
    • *** Plugin Updates
    • Theme Updates
    • Weekly Secure Off-Site Backups
    • 24 Hour Response
    • Monthly Report
  • Popular
    Suitable for professional websites eg: Solicitors or Financial
    per month
    • ** Fast SSD Web Hosting
    • Database Optimisation
    • WordPress Core Updates
    • *** Plugin Updates
    • Theme Updates
    • Daily Secure Off-Site Backups
    • Malware Scans
    • Spam & Revisions Clean-Up
    • Same Day Response
    • Site Speed Optimisation
    • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
    • 1 Hour Web Updates* (per month)
    • Monthly Report
  • Gold
    Ideal for eCommerce websites which use a lot of server resources
    per month
    • ** Fast SSD Web Hosting
    • Database Optimisation
    • WordPress Core Updates
    • *** Plugin Updates
    • Theme Updates
    • Twice Daily Secure Off-Site Backups
    • Malware Scan & Removal
    • Spam & Revisions Clean-Up
    • Priority Support via Telephone
    • Broken Link Scan & Fix
    • Site Speed Optimisation
    • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
    • 2 Hours Web Updates* (per month)
    • Monthly Report


Taking care of your website maintenance requirements has never been easier.

Why Choose Staffs Web Design?


WordPress Design

Every site that I build is using the ever popular WordPress platform which powers over 30% of websites worldwide.
Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile Responsive

Each site is built to be responsive and display perfectly on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
Page Speed

Optimised For Speed

When a website has been built it is then optimised to make sure it is loading as quickly as possible.
SEO Optimised

On-Page SEO

Time is taken to ensure that the relevant tags are placed throughout your content to ensure a good start for your site.
First Class Support

First Class Support

Fast responsive support providing all clients with a fantastic customer service experience.
Quality Built Web Sites

Quality Built

I take the time to build a site using the latest web technologies and designed to the highest specifications.
Frequently Asked Questions.

About WordPress Care Plans

Why Does My Website Need Updating?

Just like any software it becomes outdated and vunerable to hackers and needs to be updated regulary to fix any security holes.
WordPress is constantly being updated so it’s best to get the updates as soon as they are released. We also update your Theme and any Plugins that maybe installed on your site.

How Often Do You Check Updates?

All websites in our Care Plans are checked on a daily basis.

Where Are Backups Stored?

All website backups are stored off-site on a secure server.

What Are Web Updates?

On certain Care Plans we include Hourly Web Updates. These can be used for any small updates to your sites you may have, this may include adding new web content, adding images, customer testimonials and small tasks. This does not include major changes to your site design or adding a commerce system.

* Does The Monthly Time Rollover?

Unfortunately no, your support time doesn’t rollover.

** Fast SSD Web Hosting Included

We offer a FREE Migration Service onto one of our fast SDD Servers.
Prior to moving your site onto our servers we will have to perform a WordPress health check to make sure there are no errors and can advise you if there are any found.

Can I Have A Care Plan If My Site Was Designed By Somebody Else?

Yes but we would need to perform a WordPress health check to gather information about your site, your theme, your plugins and look for any errors before you can be placed onto our care plans. The cost of the health check is £179 and includes 2 hours of time to resolve any issues that we find.

Can I Cancel Anytime?

Absolutely, you can cancel anytime. You are under no obligation and not locked in for a minimum period of time. All you have to do is contact us and will will stop the next payment.

*** Does The Plan Include Paid Plugins?

***Plugins updated only if the developers still support them. If you have purchased premium plugins from the developer then we can only update if you keep your licence active with them. We will not purchase any premium plugins or licenses on your behalf.