Website Maintenance

Keeping on top of your site

Don't have the time to maintain your website?

Keeping your website updated and current is a must, having trouble finding the time to do it yourself?
Not too sure what your doing?

Have any of these things happened to you recently?

Has he person who built your website disappeared?
The person who built your website is no longer in business?
Not got good value for money from the person who built your website?
Have you been left with a total mess and your website doesn’t look like you wanted it to?
Your web designer is charging you an arm and a leg for updates?

If you can say ‘yes’ to any of the above then I can get your website back to the way you want it fast!

I can do the following to help you keep your website:

Finding and fixing Website text – spell checking, edits, rewriting your content.
Adding new pages, updating content including, forms & specified sections of your website
Repairing broken image links and replacing low quality images with higher quality formats.
Repair broken menu and navigation links on your website.
Full backup of your entire site, so that nothing is lost.

Plus lots more…

Fast turn around

If you wish your site to be updated on a monthly basis then packages can be arranged.